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See what the embodied learning can provide you and your business

Do you want to have a fresh look at your programs and have them redesigned? 

Do you want to explore if one to one Embodied Coaching suits for you?

Would you like to have a tailor-made coaching program for your team?

Would you like to offer a Training for Trainers for your in-house trainers?

Don't guess, be my guest!

"Lena has that effect on people. She empowers. I directly worked with her and I can say that she empowered me with her trust, she coached me, she believed in my instincts and supported my initiatives. Lena is full of life and love. She has a great sense of balance: she knows when to be sharp, when to be playful. "
Roxana Elena Bucur - Lecturer and Coach at University of Groningen​


Timing is crucial when you choose to commit to coaching. When in doubt, the following indicators could also give you a hint:

  1. Need to develop new success habits
  2. Wish to interrupt recurring events  
  3. Desire to become aware of your own resourcefulness

In our intro meeting, we can discover whether it is the right moment together.

  1. When you receive a request for coaching
  2. Performance reviews indicate so
  3. When someone gets a new position and the need of a new skill set arises
  4. Business requirement (eg quality, team elevation)

In our intro meeting, we will discuss your team’s needs in order to maximize return on investment.

The environment that a Leadership Coaching session takes place plays a significant role for the whole process. Whether it is in a small or big space, indoors or in the nature, it is decisive for immersing yourself in the coaching process. For this reason, it will be decided in our first meeting.

No. The embodied approach implies coaching in person, in order to maximise the results and the quality.

Coaching has become the most critical process for enhancing learning in competitive organizations. In today’s business environments characterized by increasing complexity and rapid change, effective coaching can provide the foundation for continuous development and improvement.

The training takes place in the Netherlands. 2 of the masterclasses will take place in Amsterdam and the other 2 in Ommen.

The certification process is online. The final exams last for 1 day and take place in Amsterdam.