Lena’s Moves is a learning and development company that creates and delivers non-boring learning experiences!

Who is it for


Transform your workshops by infusing embodied learning processes.


Learn coaching skills to unleash the power of your teams.

L&D professionals

Maximise engagement with a fresh design in your leadership development programs.

The lectures presented are a combination of science-based and experience evident material.

The core of the content is illustrated through Embodied Processes, inspired by dancing, theatre, constellations, legos and meditations.

Reflection is essential for creating links between the new learning and its application to your working environment.

There is an opportunity to practice of each part of the program to make sure that the new learning has consolidated.

"Through amazingly guided exercises and my own intuitive reactions I learned a lot

about myself and the ways in which I function."

Ira Vince - Marketing Mentor, Jungian Coach and Brand Expert
"There are trainers and coaches, with whom you experience doing great stuff.

And there is Lena, with whom I have experienced doing magic."

Tereza Herodková - Leadership Development Trainer


Founder of Lena’s Moves

Creativity, structure and passion for growth are the foundations of my work and reflective touchstones for me as I synthesize new ideas to bring forth an embodied way of learning, training & coaching.

Lena’s Qualifications:

  • Embodied Methodology Specialization
  • Masters in Adult Education
  • Bachelor in Primary Education
  • Coaching Certification
  • Training Certification
  • CRKBO Teachers Quality Code


Lena’s Publications

Dragičević, T., Nasiakou, L. & Vlaming, M. (2021) Advanced Training and Coaching Methodology. 

Nasiakou ed. (2018) Maths in Motion. Olde Vechte Foundation. 

Nasiakou, L., Lehto, S., Goranova, S., Osborne, K., & Fenyvesi, K. (2019). Maths in Motion: Exploring Rotational Symmetries and Triangles through Dance and Body Movement. In Bridges Conference Proceedings. Tessellations Publishing.

Nasiakou, L. & Vlaming, M. (2020) The embodiment in Coaching.


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