Embodied Learning


Innovation in learning

Most people associate learning with passive processes like listening to a speaker or reading a book. This is a pretty common and valid way to become knowledgeable.

But how about being skillful?

At Lena’s Moves, we offer active, effective and joyful programs, where knowledge is acquired not only through theory but through the movement of the body as well. Along these lines, the innovative embodied methodology is established through Training and Coaching. There is, thus, is a unique balance between receiving information and learning through a rich variety of creative tools and techniques.

Embodiment is an established way to bring awareness from the mind to the whole body, as well as the other way around.  The embodied approach in learning, training and coaching allows you to discover learning on your own and with joy. It is well supported by cognitive neuroscience and supports the ideas of Merleau-Ponty, Gendlin, Bateson and others who argue that “the body shapes the mind” (Gallagher). 

"The embodied approach helped me to relax both mentally and physically. I learned way more easily and felt better and more active the whole time."
Snježana Ljubić - Human Resources Manager


I was always busy with how to support people’s personal and professional development. Through adult learning, coaching and embodiment. These 3 areas were separate in my career. You can imagine them as 3 different circles in a parallel line.  

Working on these fields separately offered me a unique mixture of experiences, which led me to bring the circles closer to each other. Slowly I got attracted to their common elements: where embodiment meets with coaching in the frame of adult learning. The common elements formed the green area which is the area where innovation happens between the 3 overlapping fields.


The embodied approach is researched based and has a rich variety of methods, creative tools and techniques.

Body & Space Awareness

Dancing & Contact impro

Physical Theatre

Active meditation

Yin Yang yoga

Movement Therapy

"Embodiment made me realize that I was neglecting a very important part of myself in the process of learning and experiencing – my own body! If you decide to let yourself go and experience what embodiment can do for you-you will be amazed. And Lena is there to guide you the whole way."
Aleksandar Jelovac - Coach and Trainer


Let's see how embodiment works for you. Stand up and get ready to do a 1’ experiment.

Imagine that you meet someone and instead of saying your name, you introduce yourself with a body movement. Go ahead and do it. Make a move to introduce yourself. However you chose to introduce yourself, is perfectly fine. We are now simply making an observation of our choice to move the way we did, there is nothing right or wrong.  Let’s focus on the movement of the body, what was the size of it? Was it big, medium, or small? How about its intensity? Gentle, dynamic, soft, dominant?

You'll probably now say it was like this and this... And if so, why does it matter?

That question kept me busy for a couple of years, and what I saw and continue to see while working with people – no matter if they are trainers, Learning & Development specialists, coaches, leaders, teachers or educators or adults in general – is that the body matters. As Ron Kurtz writes “The body never lies. Its tone, posture, proportions, movements, tensions, and vitality express the person within. The body says things about one’s emotional history and deepest feelings, one’s character and personality.” The gentle manner of one and the dominant of another, speak as much to their movement through life as to their progress through space.

So what are you learning now about the way you perceive yourself and how others perceive you?