Lena's Moves


Most people associate learning with passive processes such as listening to a speaker or reading a book. This is a pretty common and valid way to become knowledgeable.

But how about being skillful?

At Lena’s Moves, we design, develop and deliver dynamic programmes with an impact, where knowledge is acquired not only through lectures but through movement of the body as well. There is, thus, a unique balance between receiving information, learning through a rich variety of creative tools and techniques and reflecting with peers. 

Why is that important? 

Well, research consistently shows that employees who learn through their body increase their competency by 37% . When referring to embodiment in the learning process, we mean that both the mind and the body are included.
"The embodied approach helped me to relax both mentally and physically. I learned way more easily and felt better and more active the whole time."
Snježana Ljubić - Human Resources Manager

How does a non-boring workshop look like?

Each workshop we offer is an interactive and highly engaging experience which consist of 4 parts: 


The lecturing parts are there to introduce new concepts and support your people to conceptualise the coaching tools, techniques and models and offer a new perspective.


All it takes to make sure that a new concept is not going to be forgotten is to embody it. Embodying the learning is highly impactful since it activates body memory.


Applying new learnings at work can be frightening. Thus we offer opportunities to practice in every workshop - so your people can try out what they have learned in a safe environment.

Peer learning

During the course there is space for people to pick each other’s brains, reflect together and create stronger bonds as peers. As such, the learners can chew on new concepts and exchange ideas on how to apply them with their teams.

"Embodiment made me realize that I had neglected a very important part of myself in the process of learning and experiencing – my own body! If you decide to let yourself go and experience what embodiment can do for you-you will be amazed. And Lena is there to guide you the whole way."
Aleksandar Jelovac - Coach and Trainer

EMBODIED Processes

The embodied approach consists of a variety of creative tools and innovative techniques, inspired by:

Pure Movement





Active meditation