Educational programme to foster Emotional Intelligence to Middle Management teams

EQuip is a 4-week-long dynamic programme about the fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence.

This programme is an opportunity to discover the two powerful dimensions for building empathetic communication and engagement across the organisation. It includes two live group-sessions and an asynchronous training in between the sessions.

EQuip aims to provide a comprehensive view on Emotional Intelligence through presentation of extensive research and practical application. As such, the participants can acquire new skills which will support them to successfully apply two dimensions of EQ to their teams: Self- awareness and Empathy. Self awareness is the key to recognize emotions and how they affect thoughts, body, voice and behaviour.
Empathy is highly important when working with teams, it takes place at verbal, non verbal and paraverbal level and it creates a highly effective company culture.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathise with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict.

Programme Outline

  • Understand the impact of self- awareness on your performance
  • Explore the effect of self-observation on your work
  • Understand the direction in which emotions and thoughts are taking you
  • Observe how your mindset affects your management style
  • Practice self- awareness at an emotional and thought level
  • Boost your growth in reflection groups
  • Understand how working with emotions can enrich your communication
  • Have the know-how to express empathy with the words you use (verbal aspect)
  • Discover how to use non-verbal aspects of communication to create connection (non verbal aspect)
  • Explore how to show empathy through the way you speak (paraverbal aspect)
  • Practice showing empathy in verbal, non verbal and paraverbal manner
  • Boost your growth in reflection groups

The Online Asynchronous Training (OAT) starts 1 week before the first session and lasts until a week after the last session. It includes audiovisual material and encourages self paced learning.