Move to Learn

Lena’s Moves offers 4 different professional development programs, which bring forth a dynamic, memorable and applicable learning experience. The programs have been tested on more than 1.300 trainers, coaches and leaders and they work. Why? Because of their unique design. Each session offers a balanced approach between lectures, embodied exercises and intervision meetings. 

Every program: 

  • Consists of physical sessions which take place in the Netherlands
  • Is delivered by Lena, supported by a team of professionals
  • Is represented through a free of charge demo

Get in touch with us, should you be interested in joining one of the programs, or should you wish to introduce it to your team/organization.

"Embodied approach helped me get a deeper insight into myself. I realized how much I was doing only with my head and brain and that I need to let my imagination and intuition out to give them more freedom."
Danica Vidmar – Director Financial Compliance