One to One Coaching


Success is a matter of choice

One to one coaching is for leaders who want to create more successes. It is grounded in the embodied approach and it is done in  2 steps.

STEP 1: Raising awareness
You can't change what you don't see

We are functioning 95% of our daily lives on autopilot- things are happening without much thought behind our automated actions. During a coaching session, you get the opportunity to pause, become aware of your actions and reflect.

STEP 2: Training Behaviour
Change patterns that are no longer serving you

You can’t mute your thoughts, but you can steer your attention to signals your body is giving you. As such our starting point to train your behaviour is your physical body. The moment you do an intervention at a physical level then automatically your thoughts get influenced. As such you get clarity and achieve more successes. 

For example- If I am stressed and my thoughts are, “Oh how will I talk to my team?”

I cannot mute my thoughts. What I can do is observe where the stress is present within my body. Perhaps, my shoulders are sagging down and my heartbeats are super fast. I can open up the shoulders and breath deeply. Like this, my mind also gets calmer.

" Lena is a fast-growing trainer, coach and embodied expert. Her combination of theoretical knowledge, group dynamics savvy and gentle individual guidance/coaching creates faster results because she uses a shortcut-the body."
Tihana Dragičević - Managing Director and Head Coach

WHo is it for

It is designed for leaders, entrepreneurs and educators who are looking for ways to thrive in their performance in regards to:




Decision making

Managing Stress

how does it look like

In an Embodied Leadership Coaching session you can expect:

I believe that you have all the answers within you. I am here to support you in bringing them to the surface by asking questions and making interventions. 

For every topic you want to resolve there are specific embodied activities:

  • Leadership: leading and following movement activities to look and act like a true leader
  • Decision making: spatial and positioning activities to get the feeling of the different choices
  • Relationships: perceptual positions grounded on constellations to put yourself in other people’s shoes
  • Stress management: intense movement and yin-yang yoga to learn how to release stress
  • Progress: embodied scaling and active meditations support you to visualise and sense your next business plan

Feedback operates on a past-oriented level, while feedforward focuses on future-oriented options. Both are supportive when it comes to creating a plan with actionable steps to achieve it.

An example: Tess is a trainer who finds it challenging to lead her team. We start with questioning the issue, so we shed some light on parts of the challenge. Using leading and following embodied exercises, Tess gets a clear image of her actions and reflects how they impact her work. The next step is to build capacity through breathing and posture, so she can look and sound like the leader she wants to be. Feedforward processes support her to put structure to her thoughts. 

"Embodiment allowed me to leave my head and enter my body to experience my questions from an entirely different perspective that I couldn't grasp only with my mind. It had such a strong impact on me that to become an embodied coach myself. "
Aleksandar Jelovac - Coach and Trainer

Impact on you

Manage your state effectively

Create successful leadership patterns

Reconnect to the passion and purpose in your business

Get clarity and structure about your next steps


Ontological coaching focuses on a simple, yet many-sided concept: being.  It is a holistic approach to coaching since it includes the language, emotions and body of the human being.

NLP – stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming and it’s the key to diving into communication excellence. It’s a dynamic coaching model, has an experiential nature and offers a methodology of knowing how to achieve your goals and get results.

Systemic Constellations enable you to reach levels where logic isn’t readily perceived and bring the feeling that things make sense. They do so by giving a spacial view of the relationship of key elements within each topic. They are mostly used when we want to coach repetitive, internal and often unconscious patterns.


150€ per session including VAT | 3-5 sessions recommended

200€ per session including VAT | 3-5 sessions recommended

The sessions can be carried out offline in Utrecht and online.