Limiting Beliefs

A couple of days ago Andrew Seaman, the editor at LinkedIn News, invited me to add my perspective on what the predictions call a “great resignation”, due to people wanting to move on and shake their careers off after the pandemic.  

I felt honoured and at the same time, I thought, wow, Linkedin is one step ahead! This is the way to go! Take on a challenge to inspire people to do what they love! 

So, I’ll share my own perspective – as I felt it during the pandemic. 

I made a big career shift this year: from nonprofit to corporate! 

I felt ready for the change a bit before the pandemic kicked in. I have been running my own business since 2017 and I wanted a change. 

At first I thought if not now then when?

But then some other thoughts kicked in: I am not good enough, I am not fit for corporate, I‘ll have to start from scratch. Others are better than me, I will come across as unprofessional. I am a fraud. Welcome to imposter syndrome…

While this was happening inside me, I observed that the same was happening to my friends, to the people that I was coaching and even to fellow coaches.

I mean in theory, I knew everything about limiting beliefs, but somehow, during this period I really felt it in my skin. I think it is because people have been way more open to me and I am way more open to myself and others. 

Some of us have the opportunity to work on our limiting thoughts with a coach**, a therapist or a facilitator. Lucky us! 

Some don’t have this chance, or are not ready to share and reveal their deepest thoughts with others yet. I was there for so many years, so I feel you. My whole body is shaking while typing this. 

If you feel like working on it, here is a short embodied exercise that you can do.