Embodied Trainership



The embodied craft of facilitation

Embodied Trainership is a 1-month program for experienced trainers who want to refresh their training approach.
The course aims to provide answers to the following question:
How to effectively use my body while training groups?

The program consists of 4 Masterclasses, spread throughout one month. Each Masterclass takes place in person and lasts for 3 hours. 16 spots are available for participants.

“Participating in Lena’s training has been a life changing experience. Even though my life so far has been in a constant studying mode, only now I started to feel that I'm really learning.”
Sotiria Bakalakou - Economist, Doctoral Researcher, Municipal Councillor, Trainer

course program

With a variety of active tools, movement techniques and embodied coaching we offer a setting where you can go beyond your regular practice and see how you can shape your own distinctive embodied behaviour.

Did you know that your body reveals a lot about your thoughts? Learn how to use it to your benefit!

Wanna learn how to expand your presence so you can include everybody in the learning process?

When resistance kicks in, your mind perceives it as a threat. Learn how to respond instead of reacting.

Time for peer learning! Bring your concrete cases on resistance and let’s work them out together.

To empower you to immediately apply your learning to your work, in between the masterclass you will have an assignment.

Impact on you

 It is a dynamic training course which targets the most important part of your trainership skills – you.

Here’s what you can get out of it:

Self-confidence & Joy

Unlock potential

Reach another level in your training ambition

Recharge the training batteries

Recognize and work with your own patterns


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