Coaching in Motion Training


4 Masterclasses & EMCC Certification

Coaching in Motion is an EMCC accredited program for professionals driven to accomplish successes. It is dynamic and interactive and it has grounds in the embodied approach.

Do you want to become competent in coaching or an EMCC certified coach? Keep reading. 

"Lena’s work on embodiment and movement let me get a simple and at the same time powerful dimension of learning: once the body feels it, it’s easier for the mind to grasp it. This opened new efficient and playful ways for me, both when I am learning and when I am training others."
Anna Moro, Trainer & Coach

Course Program

Keen on coaching skills?

The course is launched by Lena’s Moves in cooperation with Elevate. It consists of 4 Coaching Masterclasses (2 days long each). Between the Masterclasses, there is a practice period during which you receive assignments to implement your learning at your working environment.

Keen to be an EMCC certified coach?

After completing the 4 masterclasses, you can participate in the certification process. The certification process is lead by Elevate.

Learn how to develop a coaching mindset

Learn how to ask questions instead of giving advice

Learn how to use creative techniques to reach your clients subconscious

Learn the most powerful coaching tool, holding your clients accountable

Become an EMCC Certified Coach


"Lena is magic! She is that kind of person that brightens up the room. She is the trainer that manages, in a split of a second, to create the mood she wants in a specific context. I cannot forget the theater-like exercise as part of the Coaching training. The room was prepared in an amphitheatre setting, and everybody was silent, quite nervous. Then SHE entered. It seemed that she almost flew in the room. With ample movements, a clear and powerful voice she announced the exercise. It seemed like all uncertainties were lifted, it seemed that all was going to be ok. We were not afraid to act anymore, we became ready to perform."
Roxana Elena Bucur - Lecturer and Coach at University of Groningen

Impact on you

Here’s what you can get out of it:

Familiarity with the most updated coaching theories

Embodied Coaching to enhance your look and sound as a magnetic leader

Speed learning of creative coaching tools

Creating and mastering your own coaching method

Peer learning and intervision groups

Embodied exercises for establishing powerful connections

Theatre elements to experience case studies customized to your business

Minimum 15 hours of pure coaching practising